Weed kills sperm

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Is it true that smoking weed kills human sperm? why? - quora

A link has been posted to your facebook feed. I find this study supremely suspect, and i wonder who funded it. Gynecomastia (aka gyno) is the medical term for “man boobs” or “moobs”. Donald tashkin,ucla cannabis and smoking studies,is wrong and you are right ?? The study also showed that men with abnormal sperm samples were nearly twice as likely to have ejaculated during the summer months. Recent studies suggest that chronic cannabis use can also screw your sperm. I’d also like to know how the define “addiction”.

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Does marijuana affect sperm count and male fertility?Smoking weed may be making your sperm lazily swim in circles | iflscience

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Possible side effects of taking marijuana:

It sounds like pot paranoia to me. Here are five things you’re probably doing on a regular basis that may be killing your sperm in the process. I know a lot of stoners with kids, actually my stoner friends usually have less trouble than those who do not smoke.

Does smoking marijuana affect fertility?Ask a stoner: will smoking pot kill my sperm? | westword