Types of tests to prove virginity

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Should doctors agree to do virginity tests?

Data extracted from studies reporting on the impact of virginity testing on the examinee was synthesized with a thematic synthesis approach informed by the cochrane collaboration guidelines [. Virginity testing is a form of gender discrimination, as well as a violation of fundamental rights, and when carried out without consent, a form of sexual assault,” researchers concluded. Two participants reported that single girls insist on vaginal examinations by a doctor to hide that their hymen has been damaged by intercourse; the examiner is bothered by the negative consequences of reporting a damaged hymen. Some studies, however, have emphasized the inadequacy of the guidelines while mentioning the inefficiency of the regulations, such as outlawing virginity testing in turkey (. In an appearance on. Doctors that affirm to this have been criticized although they confidently confirm due the experience they have taken in testing for male virginity. Kelly adds that other tricks involved a woman arranging to have her wedding take place while she was menstruating, or (at least in medieval literature) secretly substituting the bride with another woman when it came time to consummate the marriage.


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They are expected to show a blood-stained bedsheet which will prove that the girl was a virgin. Indicator for virginity as it can break through sports, masturbation, accidents etc. Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under creative commons licence.

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