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Shit” naruto, even with pleasure clouded his mind, knew that the table had been turned and now erza was in control. My shoes made no sound. Armors and outfits are lined up near the walls, fit on mannequins sustained by wooden poles with metal bases, and the walls themselves are adorned by a variety of weapons secured to them. But to naruto, he thought she was really cute when erza wanted to do something like that and since naruto was a human, a wedding would be a nice idea before starting the mating process. The red head knight was breathing hard and was walking the help of varete, since she couldn’t keep her mind straight to walk normally. I didn’t let him cum.

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I left her office and went back to work but found myself going back for more. I was thinking out loud about all the things he could do to me. I bet her boyfriend was going to be real proud of the fact that his petite girlfriend was able to take my 10 inch cock like a pro!