The gift imagination and the erotic life of property

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The gift-imagination and the erotic life of property -lewis hyde- paperback-1983  | ebay

If you ever felt like a square in round world, this book will make you sing for joy because that’s what life is about–growing, moving, evolving. Call me old-fashioned, but i liked the original subtitle for. We cannot buy it; we cannot acquire it through an act of will. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Third, the material basis of the group’s life–game, fish, fruit, trees, children–is considered a gift, for which mythical explanations, rites of thanksgiving, and rules of use must be formulated and administered, usually by priests. Starting with the premise that the work of art is a gift and not a commodity, this revolutionary book ranges across anthropology, literature, economics, and psychology to show how the ‘commerce of the creative spirit’ functions in the lives of artists and in culture as a whole. Mozart, composing on the harpsicord at the age of four, had a gift.

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It is characteristic of the moral and psychological poverty of premodernity that in the tales hyde cites, the victims–those who are too insecure and unhappy to give freely, to part with the gift–are blamed and further deprived, while the emotionally rich get richer, as if their generosity were not, like all virtue in a world of scarcity, an accident of temperament and upbringing. Just started, but compelled by the model of moving from pseudo-community (where everyone is fake nice) to a true community where no one is trying to change anyone else; and collaboration truly flourishes.

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