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The best sex positions for big and small penises

This makes it perfect for those with a smaller penis but who still want to give their partner mind blowing sexual experiences. The name of this sexual position is derived from the position itself where you have the toes aligned to the ear during sex. So avoid any position of sex, where this entry is restricted. From behind is the best position if you’re on the smaller-ish side. If the butt plug is of the vibrating variety, it can also add extra stimulation for both people as the vibrations travel through the vaginal wall. But we here at thrillist are savvy enough to avoid pseudoscience, and instead, learn from real-life sexperts.

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She can lean forward or backward to change the angle of penetration, as she likes. Your partner should straddle you in the cowgirl position and then lean back, putting her weight on her arms behind her body.

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