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Yes, we kids got two kinds of that punishment, the swat and the spanking. Nicki squeezed her eyes tight. A few minutes later my mom came in told me i was too old for spanking. Nicki gaped a bit at that, even though deep down she did know better. No comments have been added yet. (spankos bought so many of the vcs brushes, we wonder if.

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Over my knee now, youre getting the brush till you cry! | mommy and mother your property for life | pinterest | crying, gorgeous women and womanMomma spankings


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She pulled off her pink sun dress, dropped the panties, and stood naked with her arms raised. Richard tightened his grip on nicki and gestured to shannon to do the same. Within a few minutes all that was left was the sniffling of two little girls, each rubbing a very red and sore bottom under their night clothes.

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