Shemales claim thier girls

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Trans pressure group tells reporters tranny bad, genderqueer good | breitbart

I supported lgbt and same-sex marriage until i realized the extremes that some will go to. How can i accept who you are, if you do not accept who you are??? now you want to hate on me and label me. They will have abandoned chargers available for you to take. It would be so much easier if they could get together with others to come up with a solution that recognizes other vulnerable groups and allows everybody to feel safe. You know that scientist in the action movie who has all the right answers if only the government would just pay attention? eric b. Will the future see the emergence of meld, the movement for the emancipation of the louisiana delta? lord knows we have all the guns we need.


Transgender advice - what pronouns to use- nude photos


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So again you can change everything else but you cannot change dna. They hate women so much they will erase us.