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It’s rough,” says margaret wagner, sex expert and founder of the now-closed bedroom matters. Being on top gives the woman complete control regarding the speed, pace, depth and motions. The difficulty level of this position may only allow you to do it for a short period of time, so wait until you and your man are about to climax to jump into it. Prepare yourself for all kinds of orgasms. Up his ante by reaching behind, fondling his testicles, and stroking his perinium as he thrusts. The rocking horse allows you to do all of this, making it the perfect sex position for any pisces.

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Therefore, you can also sit on an elevated stool or table or shelf, rest your back against the wall behind it for height and support. He will hold you up all the while and keep thrusting. Older age groups too are at risk of stds so it’s important to use condoms with a new partner; try durex real feel for a lovely skin-on-skin feeling.

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