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To avoid spreading the lice, a person with crabs should not have close or intimate contact with anyone else until the infestation has been fully treated. But early intercourse initiation poses special risks, with an increase in the odds of both pregnancy and stis when it occurs at a younger age. They found no evidence that this is the case. Given the emerging evidence linking more traditional media use with initiation of various sexual activities, to the extent that new media contain relevant sexual messages, researchers may find that these media are also linked to developing sexual attitudes and behavior and could affect sexual risk-taking and health (in either a positive or negative manner) as well. They suggested formats for adapting the curriculum to text messaging, including sending a fact-based message to intervention participants as a multiple-choice or true-false question that could be responded to with a return text indicating “a,” “b,” or “c,” or “t” or “f,” for example.


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