Pleated skirt pantyhose

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The 7 types of tights you need in your winter wardrobe

The maxi skirt is a magic one, its length and width sets a cool look. Indeed, it’s better to choose light fabrics and lightweight silhouettes. The push-up bottom effect really works, too. Keep it sleek for the office with a pencil skirt silhouette, or be flirty and feminine with an a-line. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism.

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Three chic and easy ways to wear a midi skirt

Pleated skirt pantyhose.


Transform 1 midi skirt from day to night with these simple changes

Keep the top light. Here you can find your details, current offers and your order history. That’s a stunning look that consists of a buttoned light yellow top tucked in dark blue knife-pleated skirt.

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