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Legs fetish

209 sexy muscular calves is doing a model homes tour. So looks do matter, and when you look good, you can feel more confident, and it’s totally justified. The lot of sporty and fbb pics are completely naked and uncensored. However, very ill-thought explanations, too simple – ‘breasts look bigger & feet look smaller’m seriously? these are the main explanations? why did not they look at the fact that most people, be it women or men – look more vulnerable & uncomfortable wearing heels (biologically saying – they are seen as easy prey), or to the fact that some women feel more confident & desired when wearing heels (this might make them seem as more desirable & challenging), or to the fact that wearing high heels also has to do with stereotypes and so on – why did not researchers study this?! The study authors speculated on why men find women in high heels more attractive: You also need to be fit to affectively a comfortably wear heels.


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I am 6’2″, i like to be able to kiss a woman without bending over. Then she finds a walk in closet and checks out some items on the top shelf standing high on her tippy toes. Superficial cosmetics won’t fill the void.

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