Mom found out i masturbate


Its more than a little terrifying what teenage boys are using to masturbate

The space between my legs warmed, and my crotch pulsated. Grounding is often as hard on the parents as it is on the kids. My mother continued to scream for my father. I had to lie, saying that i had to borrow one of my dads razors! hint: get your own porn, never borrow! And i was feeling a little horny, as i always am. But there are a number of mormon authorities who now say it is a mistake for the church to prohibit masturbation since it is a natural human function.

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Not the biggest fan, but its not that bad as some make it out to be. When i first started masturbating, i just used the rubbing-on-the-pillow method. Better get some protecting otherwise this will come back to haunt you down the path, and before you know you could be on the maury show lol.

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