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We did not have vagina sex ,but we did engage in sexual acts. Do you need a visa to travel to dubai? also, what is best spot for the legs? Also, it has to be pantyhose, stockings don’t do it for me as much. Here are 10 skills that will clarify your visions and bring you closer to your life goals. As guys that have a fetish for sexy nylons and the ladies that wear them, we wanted to see what we could do for fellow guys that love what we do and see if we couldn’t help set them up on a date with some ladies who love showing off their shapely legs in the hottest hosiery that money can buy! I’m sure it’s not at all threatening to your fragile masculinity to learn not every woman is flattered that you want to f*ck her.


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I know that we could be very happy sexualy, because we totaly are turned on to our sex the way we take care of our needs. Having a shaming inner critic and an angry outer critic can sabotage your life. I sort of hate wearing stockings (especially thigh highs) but at least you’re not asking me to eat your poop while you jack off.

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