Map of current muslim domination


The shia-dominated syrian government, meanwhile, mostly only controls the country’s shia- and christian-heavy west. Qaddafi’s fall was far from the sole cause of all of this, but it brought just the right combination of disorder, guns, and militias to make everything a lot worse. The suez canal changed everything. This is an old idea that gets new attention every few years, when violence between sunnis and shias reignites: should the arbitrary borders imposed by european powers be replaced with new borders along the region’s ever-fractious religious divide? the idea is unworkable in reality and would probably just create new problems. Israel wasn’t fighting a state, but the lebanese militant group hezbollah.

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Map of current muslim domination.

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These three maps (click the expand icon to see the third) show how those 1948 borders became what they are today. Their one major victory in the last century has been in iraq: as a result of the us-led invasion that toppled saddam hussein, iraqi kurds have autonomous self-rule in iraq’s north.