Lesbian body language and hugs

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14 body language hacks to figure out if shes into you

Also, for the record, she happens to call when you’re thinking about her because you’re always thinking about her. Generally speaking, i would say no. Those are all things to consider. Photos, templates & courses. It could be your garlic breath, it could be your love of celine dion, or it could be those knock-knock jokes. Move into her and “slightly” intrude on her personal space. Generally speaking, the polite thing to do (when hugging anyone, in my opinion, lesbian or no) is to ask if you can hug them and respect whatever answer they give you.


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Just show that your actions mean friendship and it should turn out okay. I have talked about this with many friends, all of whom seem to be as puzzled as i am. Alternatively, she’s about to offload 10 regurgitated sambucca shots into your lap.

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