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She’d been embarrassed at high school, but college was a new place! she bent down to the window, mouthing, “i love you. Rated t for slight language, crude humor, brief male nudity and skimpy outfits. Mom, that’s because he’s my friend!” kim said, trying to help her mother understand. She then started kissing the nape of his neck so viciously that it was almost like she was biting him. Possible the chance to learn surprising new advances in their technology and maybe even contribute some ideas of her own. It had started as just a small trickle but it was a full blown raging river inside of them, the only question was which one would reach it first.


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Especially if the kidnapper is intentionally leaving you a trail to follow. Possible was, at this very moment, studying the prototype xv75 rocket which was supposed to achieve 3/4th the speed of light) to which she soon followed suit. I love you too, kim” he said, this time actually tearing up just a little “more than anything.

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