Girls bikini mud wrestling


Babes in the mud in bratislava

I dunno what was more charming, the sexy smile of a waitress or nude girls wrestling in a mud? sexy, hot, stunning adult show! good job girls! The stag was really surprised and rest of the group was surprised too. At the beginning i was not keen of that idea at all. However my excitement was short lived when i found out that the dirty girls wrestling in the mud had been replaced with senior citizens line dancing the night away. I am extremely happy we decided to go back at night, because the place was a blast. If they could guarantee shows like this every day i wouldn’t just take a holiday here, i’d move here. So with a broken spirit i had the hostess find the wife and i a table.

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The molasses ketchup was also good and simone and i finished it all. However this did cause the bun below to quickly get soggy which was disappointing because the bun was very good before it turned to mush.