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Once the woman begins moving into an altered state through her sensual and sexual build up, it is very helpful if she allows sounds and movement to possess her, beyond conscious control. This is about creating multiple waves of orgasmic feeling, not about writhing in physical ecstasy when you’re stuck in traffic. We can actually control very little. If her arousal spreads deeper inside her clitoral network, and she attains full erection of all erectile tissue of her genitals, both inner and outer, she will have more ecstatic orgasms, which are deeply fulfilling. When she feels safe with her man, knowing that it is fine to really be herself, she will go wild. Don’t pressure yourself to get the end result. Who am i? why are we in this world? why is this world created in this way and not otherwise? the text and music were born by the brilliant musician estas tonne and we are happy that we have become a part of this creative way.

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It’s a full-on, no-holding-back orgasm. Some women are different, but i am talking about majority.