Gay night i lost my virginity

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Do you have to have anal to lose your gay virginity?

In high school there was a 19 yr old girl who had her own apartment, and we hung out there a whole lot. And then all of a sudden, here came an utterly singular demonstration that when all else fails, the most reliable direction is usually inward. This happened several more times, and eventually went even further. 22 or 23, i think. We basically ended up being fuck buddies, nothing romantic and he still was “straight” with a gf until he graduated and moved away.

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A different guy that i knew from my old high school (had moved 2 years prior, he was kind of a friend) that had graduated and was doing some sort of air force training nearby wanted to hang out. But even today i still consider the loss of my virginity to be that moment four years ago. Had been used to the softness of a woman.

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