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Power analyses confirmed that our sample sizes were sufficient to avoid committing type ii errors; in all comparisons, the probability of rejecting false null hypotheses was greater than 99. That may act in concert to imperil their populations. Standard morphological measurements were taken on turtles and they were sexed based on secondary sexual characteristics. In addition, informal conversations with anglers suggested that fish advisories were not entirely effective at deterring people from catching and consuming turtles. The land adjacent to our study areas on the south river is forested in the upper mountainous regions but at lower elevations the river runs through small-urbanized areas and private land that is used mainly for agriculture and livestock.


Prevalence of ingested fish hooks in freshwater turtles from five rivers in the southeastern united statesParent reviews for fish hooks | common sense media


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For deeply-hooked fish, survival rates are higher when no attempts are made to remove the hook. Hook ingestion causes elevated mortality rates in several taxa (e.

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