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Cast bronze match holder and ashtray in the shape of a wicked and comical caricature of a jewish man’s face. The dreyfus affair was used by politicians and the press as evidence of the disloyalty and treachery of all jews. Nearly 200,000 jews were deported from the camp. These picturesque scenes of urban outcasts, known as london cries, poor people who made their living on the london streets, were the most lastingly popular series of english prints.

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The long road to legal abortion in italy – and why many women are still denied it

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Cinque terre town deploys locals to guard cemetery from picnicking tourists

Oil painting with a caricature of two orthodox jewish men fighting in public. The camp, in northeast holland, was originally set up by the dutch in 1939 to intern jewish refugees. In the 19th century, a jewish man and his ever present umbrella became a common stereotype.

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