Domination husband training


Femdom fiancee: 30 male submissive training exercises

I love the amount of control implicit in these exercises. Once timid wife dominates cuckold husband. This is a very good news. This is a great site. These are just a few suggestions but a good starting point for exploring this new aspect of your relationship. We have some excitement that we did not have for years. A wife puts her husband in permanent chastity.

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The best of - cuckold and slave husband storiesHow to dominate a submissive male (female domination for fun) - female led relationships: femdom lifestyle

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Domination husband training.


School daze

Having him talk about how horny he is, his being shaved, his orgasm denial or seman eating (see below) at normal or none sexual times is fun. I called her “a bitch” for what she was doing.

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