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It’s got to be attached to a guy i like, who has recently showered and smells like there’s a bar of irish spring soap up his ass. He came back in, and i was like, “did what i think just happened really happen?” he said yes, and i was like “i’m going to go. Bacteria, viruses, parasites). Analingus may also pose a risk for hepatitis so you both may want to ask your healthcare provider for information about vaccines for hepatitis a and b. Lie on your back, pulling your ankles to your ears, and expose your hole.


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And he doesn’t whine at me to suck his asshole like a little bitch. I arrived at his place, and he was exactly as he appeared in the pictures he sent, so my heart (and my cock) did a little jump for joy. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town.

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