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Spicejet: cabin crew accuse spicejet of strip search | india news - times of india

Choose your reason below and click on the report button. Leading stewardess and trainer for the same airline suganthi namasivayam, 45, said no one should be asked to strip at a job interview. The opening of the route is still being discussed. But the airline had not obtained permission from vietnam’s aviation authorities. Get the latest viral stories daily! like us: keeping ourselves looking young and healthy is something a lot of us. The top things that annoy your flight attendants.

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So i can (unfortunately) see where someone would get the idea that this is an acceptable practice that most carriers engage in. On another note, flight attendants from a different airline were also left seething last month when they were handed a note from their boss. The winds push icebergs weighing millions of tons, driving some of them aground in shallow water, creating graveyards of shipwrecked bergs like the one at the end of the runway at rothera station.

Spicejet: watch: crew accuse spicejet of strip search, airline says its standard procedure | the economic times video | et now

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