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The least the police can do is confiscate the magazine. Go father go i love you mr president. You’ve used some tough language this week. The fake news hears a story about a candidate who they hate and they know the story is false. David gregory, steve capus, and jeff zucker. Why he did it.


March 3: john boehner, gene sperling, raul labrador, kathleen parker, joy reid, chuck todd and tom brokaw - meet the press - transcripts | nbc newsChuck todd is doing worse than david gregory as meet the press continues to nosedive

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Cnn & wolf blitzer made a total ass out of themselves reporting another fake story again today -Episode 7: david gregory | rebel male - helping guys become better versions of themselves - unleash your geneiusAwkward! chuck todd kind of answers question about david gregory (video)Ass david gregory hole.Did cnns chris cuomo break the law when he sent this now-deleted tweet? | zero hedgeInside the brian williams scandal at nbc news | vanity fair

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Ignorance of the law is not a defense. The balance of rearward blast mostly canceled out the recoil of firing the projectile; it also meant “make sure there’s nothing behind you that you’re not willing to fry before you press the trigger.