Asian guys can t get girls

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Asian guys and white girls: the secret to success | girls chase

This issue also deeply interested me ever since i moved to the the us from taiwan at age 10, and it did appear to be more difficult for my asian friends and myself to date girls of any races, when compared to my white friends. When the entire american media is positioned against your ethnicity, even if you are an americanized, well rounded, outgoing, successful asian male, you would still be at a disadvantage in the us, but only much so in the us. To my asian brothers out there, if things are still not working out for you in the us, i urge you to pay at least one visit to europe sometimes. But i still get questions from asian guys about asian guys and white girls, so i asked another asian friend of mine named jerome – yet another chinese-born guy who does very well for himself with european and american white girls back in the us and elsewhere – to write a guest post on the topic.


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Asian guys can t get girls.


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The style he employs is smooth, under-the-radar, “whisper. He meets girls both on the street during the day and in.