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Disservice to every woman in america. He palled around with comedian and civil rights activist dick gregory, tripped acid with timothy leary, and commissioned terry southern to write a movie about jim morrison. In the age of the internet, They were the first people to make hardcore sex mainstream. Bemused by the question. Flynt admitted that he and althea were considering cryonics so that she could be revived when a cure was found.

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And even if he showcased non-traditional sexualities with all the subtlety of a carnival barker, the fact that flynt was presenting them at all is significant, says queen. When i ask flynt if he thinks forms of communication widely recognized as “hate speech” should be censored or regulated, he responds by challenging the validity of the term. I didn’t give a damn,” flynt says of his stunts in court, such as wearing the american flag as a diaper.

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